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  Contact a Pastor  
Hello! I'm Pastor Matt Nowak. I am glad that you made it to our church's corner of the internet today. We would be glad to see you soon. There's nothing quite like the kindness of our wonderful congregation. 

I was born and raised in rural Michigan. My loving, Christian family raised me and encouraged me every step of the way to become a pastor. One of my grandma's favorite stories to tell was how I'd preach to my stuffed animals. "You're going to be a pastor," she would remind me. Like with many things, she was right. 

God has blessed me with a loving wife, whom I met in Wisconsin, where she grew up. We met the year after I graduated from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. God has given us 8 years of marriage together and a wonderful daughter. He led us to Ohio in 2016 and has continued to bless our lives with the people that we meet. 

While preaching is a big part of what I do, personally passing along that same encouragement is important to me. When I have the chance, I like to visit people and talk to them. There are endless things to love and enjoy about teaching people about God, his Word, and his will for our lives. As much joy as I have in preaching and teaching in church, I receive even greater blessings by meeting you and sharing God's Word with you personally. So let's grab a coffee sometime. I might even share with you the secret on how it is made. (Although it's probably not a secret, because you can Google that.) 
Pastor Matthew Nowak
Office (419) 326-4402